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We are lead acid battery manufacturers and our company is based in Aligarh,Uttar Pradesh. We deal in high quality lead acid batteries for E-rickshaw, inverter and automotive. The way we work is based on the foundation of deep-set values of trust, teamwork, and innovation. Trust has to be earned and for this one has to leave no stone unturned and seek for excellence. Our company is dedicated in moving towards a path of excellence and we believe it is important to be diligent in the pursuit. We constantly keep up with the improvements in the technology sector and we try to encompass the best of technology and hard work to come up with the products that stand out for their functionality.

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We believe that to make a mark in any realm one has to be confident , diligent and has to team up hard work with smart work. We have updated ourselves with the latest trends and technological advances in the field concerned so as to bring up and design the best products combined with fantastic quality of after sales service.

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Comprehensive Service

We provide comprehensive services in addition to the products delivered. We aim to provide the customers with the best quality products and services.