Types of Inverter Batteries And Their Pros and Cons

Is the rising temperature in the summer season befuddling you? Unable to deal with the numerous power cuts? If you are nodding to these questions then it is time to buy a robust and efficient inverter to enjoy summers. Before investing in an inverter, you should have some quality knowledge about it. The battery is the heart of an inverter. There are several types of inverter battery manufacturers available in the market; you can decide by analyzing your needs.

Take a look at them and make your own wise decision.

1. Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are one of the oldest batteries that are rechargeable easily. The presence of two electrodes dipped in an electrolyte solution, electrodes made with lead and lead dioxide gives it the name. The batteries function because of the chemical reaction causing DC (Direct current) in the two sulphuric-acid immersed electrodes. 


o Rechargeable

o Lightweight

o Economical

o Produces a large amount of current


  • Require regular water toppings
  • Needs to be maintained regularly with electrolyte check

2. Maintenance-Free Batteries

They can be termed as the successors of lead-acid batteries. A few of the drawbacks in the lead-acid batteries are rectified here. The electrolyte present in this battery doesn’t need water. Most importantly, no service attention is needed. You just have to charge it fully and keep it cleaned. 


o No need for water toppings

o Safer than many other options

o No maintenance needs

o Faster charging

o No battery emissions

o No headache of any proper orientation

o Do not require electrolyte check


  • Somewhat costly than other batteries
  • Have shorter life

3. Tubular Batteries

They are one of the most popular batteries because of their high efficiency. They are designed for uninterrupted delivery of power in case of longer power cuts. They are pencil-typed armored tubular plates that come in leak-proof and abrasion-resistance types. These qualities make them need less maintenance and have a safe battery. They are termed as the most ideal purchase for home usage for inverters and also for E-rickshaw.


o Great efficiency

o Highly reliable

o Longer operational life

o Low maintenance


  • A bit costly
  • Have complex design

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